Firstly, thank you for visiting! This is my first blog so please bear with me – I am learning how all this works!

I am a therapeutic counsellor. Its more than a job and I feel so privileged to be able to work with so many wonderful people who may be experiencing issues in their life and decide to share it with me. Together, we work through it with a clear view to finding a place where they want to be, whatever and where ever that may be. I meet many inspirational people through my work, it truly is a very special type of work which I love.

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now. I often throw things about in my head, usually when I am on my own. I might have heard something on the radio, a song or a conversation or seen something that has given me food for thought and I spend ages just thinking about it and wondering if anyone else thinks the the same or can relate! So why not put it out there!!

So I am going to try to get a blog out there on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to comment along the way! I will learn how to add pictures to make this more interesting but like I said, I am very new to this and tend to learn as I go, its not always very quickly but I will do my very best!!

I will be back!

Lucy :0)

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